Tor Anders Ringnes hidden talent revealed

Tor Anders Ringnes was born in 1987 and comes from Rakkestad in Østfold, which is located right next to Rudskogen Motorsenter. As a youngster following everything happening in his hometown Rakkestad and while struggling in life, he found inspiration in Gatebil and it´s own drifting heroes – Fredric Aasbø and Kenneth Moen, which made him change his life. In 2008 he put all his money into cars, in 2009 he first time participated in Gatebil as a driver and 16 years fast forward – Tor Anders has grown into one of Norways most known drift pilots himself, and nowadays he himself is the inspiration for the younger generation.

On Friday, 15.03.2024 came out the newest single of Hagle – Mekke bil, and Tor Anders Ringnes for our surprise was one of the singers in the clip!

A new talent or how did you became a part of this new single by Hagle – Mekke bil?

– I have been doing stunt driving for Hagle in some of their videos before, and they called me and asked me to do another one, but this time they also wanted to have me rapping in the song. At first I was like “hell no i am not doing that”, but they kept pushing me and in the end they really made me do it haha. It has been so sick! From being in the studio and recording in sentence’s of the song to see the final product… And the song is suuuuper cool. It has been a real hit all over Norway!

How did the recording and filming process went?

– The recording in the studio felt really strange for me. Im really not used to sing in a microphone in studio, while someone is watching me. But all the guys from Hagle were super professional and gave me good hints and help. It was super cool. Same as filming. That actually was more strange. I am used to cameras – it is no problem for me, but to sing in the camera with 50 spectators around was something new!

Are you happy with the result of the song?

– We all three and rest of the crew is Really really happy with the results.

Watch the behind the scenes video here!


About Cars and GATEBIL:

What has been your biggest achievement in drifting?

– it must be winning five times Gatebil Super 3 with Team Toyota and my friends – Fredric Aasbø and Ola Jæger!

What is so special about drifting? Why do you do it?

– Its like the most good looking motorsport you can watch. The cars are extreme, drivers are crazy. And the spectators can watch everything really close. When you have to drive a car thats out of control is pretty insane! Love Drifting!

What are your plans for season 2024:

– Elmia Custom Motorshow this Easter with Safedrive, All gatebil events together with Safedrive, Iron Drift King in Germany, maybe Norges Råeste Bakkeløp and some Toyota Toyota Roadshow’s and I am aslo working on some secret fun projects!

Tor Anders Ringens partners and sponsors for 2024:

Tuningservice Østfold
Garage 15
Ström Wheels
Toyota Østfold
Toyota Norge 
BT Stål 
PPM Racing
Rakkestad Slangeservice 
Boost Racefuel
Pandem Japan
VS Motor

Special thanks to my team:
Mechanic: Rune Syvertsen
Photo/spotter: Eriane Wennewold
Video: Didrik Fagerås

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Hagle band are the same ones who came out in 2023 with a song called GATEBIL: