NEXT ON: Season Finale in Mantorp Park SEP28-OKT1

We are preparing for – Season Finale Festival in Mantorp Park and it is the last this season. This is the last chance for Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series and Extreme Time Attack and Race drivers to score the points they need to pull out the positions they want! We are going to have it all! So what is waiting for us?

Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series

Gatebil Scandinavian Drift Series Presented by Meguiar’s aimed to be the greatest drift series in Nordics with the best drivers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, among others. We have created a professional series where the drivers fight on track and keep a good fellowship off the track and with that we have reached our goal for this season. This Season Finale festival will be the culmination for it!

Full info about SDS

Gatebil Extreme Time Attack and Race 9 & 10
We are going to have an amazing Extreme Race 9 and Race 10, where our fastest cars compete for the victory and make our heads turn with each time they pass the grand stands.

Gatebil Extreme main partner is Brian James Trailers.

Showgarden by Meguiars
Showgarden is the place to really go in for the details, shine and just a really happy vibe. From all the festivals exactly in Rudskogen you will find the greatest selection of the different cars that you can see at one place. Everything goes. You will not be disappointed, because EVERYONE can find something in their taste.

Showgarden main partner is Meguiars Norsk Prol AS and is organised in all Swedish events by the great partner – ARN racing!


Drifting competition for everyone – both champions and newbies get to have their run. The biggest show is what makes it, and not always experience gets the job done. Sometimes it is pure luck! Who will be the Master of Breisladd this year in Mantorp Park Season Finale Festival?


The place to recharge after a long day at the track – this is Aftertrack and on this festival we are having it on Saturday evening! A lot of fun and dancing is guaranteed! As always, we ill be holding our prize ceremonies for competitions from Friday and Saturday on the Aftertrack stage – See you there!

Track Driving
The only thing that never change is the opportunity to take your daily driver and try out how it feels to press the gas pedal to the floor, and do it completely legally in controlled environment. We are for the crazy fun driving, but we keep it safe. Read more about it here.

After all that fun, you can not really say that you have been to Gatebil, if you have not stayed over in the camp. Read more about the camping here.

Gatebil Taxi
We have prepared an opportunity of a lifetime – Fully equipped Taxis for drifting ready for you! Enjoy the butterflies without lifting a finger – let our experienced drivers take you for a ride!

Gatebil Shop
Have you always wanted that signature black/white T-shirt with Gatebil logo on it? Or maybe you are in to try colours of the season from collection of this year? Here you can also buy all other Gatebil merchandise.

Shopping area and stands
Everything car related – best products for your car, info stands, T-shirts, all kinds of things you can imagine and even getting a tattoo then and there is possible

Are you joining?

Read everything about the festival here:
Season Finale Festival in Mantorp Park