At all Gatebil festivals there is an ‘Aftertrack’ on Friday and Saturday evenings. Big party with live concerts, DJs and other entertainment. Anyone over 18 with a festival ticket has access to Aftertrack.

Who are we going to see this year on Gatebil Aftertrack stages throughout all the five festivals? Here is a bit more info of what you can expect to see

Halva Priset

Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen – Vocals and songwriter. Emil Haglund – Guitar and vocals Hans Marius Indahl – Drums Lars Støvland – Accordion and piano Andreas Nordanger – DJ

“I was born and raised in Fredrikstad, between two farms, in a forest in Onsøy – that I miss and want to return there, I think you can hear quite well in the songs. city: Noisy, self-grown vegan food from Grünerløkka and a monthly tram pass is too much for a simple Østfolding. And, yes – Østfolding. No Viken nonsense. It’s called Østfold” – Petter.

Den BB

The artist who hardly needs any further introduction! Since they started in 2015, they have released hit after hit and with over 170 million streams, they have firmly established as one of Norway’s biggest party artists.

They play songs that have been played at everything from house parties to TV series.
Energetic and hit-packed live shows have shaken the roof tiles loose all over the country. With loyal fans, there is always a wild atmosphere wherever Den BB plays.

Jone og Daskeladden

The young artist JONE specializes in sing-along-friendly and catchy music, and has recently taken big steps towards the pop star dream. With singles such as “Eventyr”, “Jag gillar dig” and “Livet på bøgda”, he has achieved good streaming numbers on Spotify. The Lier boy is often compared to artists such as Halva Priset, Staysman, Hagle and Ringnes Ronny, all artists of whom he himself is a big fan. JONE nevertheless definitely has a unique character, and appears as a breath of fresh air in a music genre that currently dominates hard in Norway. The music is most often produced by JONE himself and Daskeladden, and over the melodious production we find JONE’s clear and modern pop vocals in the centre.


With big hits and an insane presence in social media, Kevin Lauren has become one of Norway’s biggest rap phenomen in a short time. Very few Norwegian artists have such a strong and committed following, and you can see the effect of that at the shows. Time and time again concerts are full and Kevin delivers a fresh show that sets the audience on fire.

Stjørna Heimbrentslag

From making internal songs for themselves to playing for thousands of enthusiastic Trondheimers, this group of friends has experienced more than they could have asked for.
With hits such as “Panzerfylla” “Apparatet” and “Rødsprit I Karsken” the guys take the band to “place” and “venue name” for an evening full of booze!

Det Där Bandet

Det Där Bandet makes a comeback at Gatebil! After a real success. They are a cover band making all of us jump, sing along, dance and have fun!


Experience the magic of the new star in the music sky – Looket! In just two years, Looket has conquered the tops with streams, chart placements and much more. But that is only the beginning! Prepare yourself for a musical journey where Looket will offer an overwhelming show full of energy.

BEK & Moberg

BEK & Moberg are one of Norway’s and Sweden’s most popular duos, with around 300 million streams and around 950,000 unique listeners every month. The duo has delivered super hits such as “Min Villa”, “Fakkboi”, “Mad Mickey”, “Party Central”, “Evig Ung” and more. With an impressive stage show, high tempo, stage-diving and sing-alongs, BEK & Moberg are an obvious duo for Gatebil!


Kuselofte, the Norwegian duo consisting of Terje Kristensen and Emil Hals, stepped onto the music scene with their first song in December 2017. In just four years, they have an impressive 224 million streams on Spotify and have gained increased popularity in Scandinavia and Europe. With super hits like “Dominanten 2018,” ” Om Sverige vinner VM” “Alla Dansar,” and “Folkfest,” they have established themselves as one of Norway’s most in-demand artists.

DJ Johnny D

2023 was the first year for DJ Johnny D at Gatebil and we fell in love with his work. He knows how to create a good atmosphere and DJ Johnny D will be the host of our Aftertrack and make us feel the good Gatebil vibe in this season too!

Gatebil House DJ

As we started in 2023, we are keeping this beautiful concept – a DJ from our own crowd. It is always a surprise that we hope will add to our Aftertrack playlist. Who do you think it is going to be in 2024 and who would you like to see at our Aftertrack?

DJ Shrimp Shady

It is DJ Shrimpshady who is going to hold the night for the only Aftertrack event we are going to have at Gatebil Rudskogen Race festival. Live Frisak, who will play her debut in Gatebil at this event, has conquered the hearts of so many in Hemsedal and Oslo. She is building her way up in Norwegian DJ scene, and has been seen on some big stages for Afterski in Hemsedal.

Gatebil Pit Girls

They are perfect both on the track at the day time, and on the stage in the night. These girls really carry a true Gatebil spirit.