Swedish driver Erik Neander takes P1 in Gatebil Drift Battle

Gatebil Drift Battle ended with Sweden taking P1, P2, P3 and also P4, giving Norway only P5 and P6. In the first position we have Erik Neander with Nissan s14.

In the second place we have Viktor Andersson with BMW E92

Third place was taken by Tony Averstedt driving Toyota Supra

in P4 we have Anders Hay in BMW e90:

P5 – Ole Morten Davanger in the beautiful Toyota GT86:

And P6 – Ole Petter Vatn in BMW 1M:

1Erik NeanderNissan s14SWE52
2Viktor AnderssonBMW E92SWE67
3Tony AverstedtToyota SupraSWE68
4Anders HayBMW e90SWE6
5Ole Morten DavangerToyota GT86NOR11
6Ole Petter VatnBMW 1MNOR2
7Erik KadikisVolvo 740SWE51
8Steffen TveiteVolvo 740NOR15
9Simon AnderssonBMW E36SWE71
10Mathias NordengenToyota JZX100NOR20
11Pontus KarlssonVolvo 940SWE58
12Tobias OlofssonBMW E36SWE27
13Philip EdbergNissan S15 SilviaSWE57
14Robert ÅhällBMW E92SWE59
15Mikael SvenssonBMW Z3SWE62
16Odd-Helge HelstadNissan S14,5NOR5
17Sebastian EngblomToyota GT86FIN63
18Niclas AnderssonVolvo V70SWE61
19Jonas FranzénMazda rx8SWE65
20Pasi KolisevaToyota CelicaFIN64
21Felix MolanderNissan 350ZSWE53
22Fredrik PerssonBMW E46SWE55
23Andreas JohanssonBMW E36SWE66
24Viktor WettemarkNissan S14SWE25
25Joachim HaugenesToyota GT86NOR4
26Fredrik LövgrenNissan S15SWE54
27Alexander BoströmNissan S13SWE50
28Tobias AnderssonToyota SupraSWE60
29Alexander SvenssonBMW 330SWE69