Already tomorrow at 13:00 we will witness the very first Big Entry Show ever and we are stoked to present you the 12 drivers our judges have picked for this spectacular competition.

Drivers selection was tough. All three judges kept a close eye on all drifting heats during the whole Friday to pick their drivers right. This time it wasn’t the name or the car that they considered. It was the skills drivers were showing on the track!

After the long driver selection briefing judges concluded that it is quite a cool mix between PRO drivers and some very talented new drivers!


Let’s get to know the mysterious judges!

Fredric Aasbø – a three-time Formula Drift champion, a professional drifter and stunt driver.
Torunn Hegge – autosport professional, crazy good driver and life-time dedicated Gatebil family member.
Fredrik Øksnevad – Norwegian drift driver, who started young and brought Gatebil name all around the Europe, and who has now entered the Gatebil Elite by becoming one of the people who’s opinion really matters.

Drivers list:

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The Big Entry Show at Gatebil Vålerbanen

Pre-race Photoshoot
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