Game-Changing Twist for Vålerbanen Drift Battle

Get ready to witness motorsport history in the making as Gatebil announces a revolutionary twist for the upcoming Vålerbanen Drift Battle. In a bid to amplify the intensity and level the playing field, all competitors will now be required to drift on the same tire: the Kenda 265/35-18 with a 200TW rating.

Everyone on the same rubber!

But here’s the kicker: instead of bringing their own tires, each driver will be provided with the Kenda rubber on-site, ensuring absolute fairness and maximizing the thrill of competition. With this bold move, Gatebil promises an adrenaline-fueled spectacle like never before, where skill, not equipment, will reign supreme.

So mark your calendars, rev your engines, and brace yourselves for a spectacle unlike any other. Gatebil’s Vålerbanen Drift Battle is about to redefine the very essence of excitement. And with the Kenda 265/35-18 as the catalyst, there’s no telling just how high the adrenaline will soar.

In Gatebil Vålerbanen 24-26 of May we are going to have a Gatebil Drift Battle Top 16 competition. Read more about the rules and the competition here.
Competition will take place on Saturday, May 25th at 17:30.